Boundless stretches of golden or pebble beaches, breathtaking cultural and natural sites and traditional villages, Rhodes is a magnet for all ages. Rhodes has been famous since its site of the Colossus of Rhodes one of the Seven Wonders of the World, now for its medieval town Europe’s largest lived-in old town with 911 sites, declared ‘A monument of world cultural heritage’ by UNESCO.

According to Greek mythology, Rhodes Island rose out of the sea as a gift to the Sun god, Helios, who clothed it with light, giving rise to its title of island of the sun. It still enjoys more hours of sunshine than any other Greek island. Summer seems to last forever on Rhodes, the largest and greenest of the Dodecanese islands. The tranquil beaches, the simple pleasures of a slower pace of life and the rejuvenating properties of fresh air, sparkling, refreshing seas and the Mediterranean diet make it the perfect location for relaxing and memorable holidays. Rhodes Island is not just a destination for sun, sand and sea holidays, The visitor cannot ignore the magic of the history and mythology, which has formed so much of present day civilization. At the crossroads of civilizations through its history, the island has a richly fascinating heritage. Rhodes offers a cosmopolitan life consisting of some sophisticated clubs, restaurants, bars, golf and casino.

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