The Atlantica Hotels & Resorts is a Group of Hotels committed to continually improve its services in order to attain the maximum quality level required by our guests. 

The main elements of this quality policy are the development of high quality services aimed at satisfying our customer requirements, the enhancement of operational performance as well as the development of our people.

The Group is committed to satisfy the current legal and other requirements.To this effect the Company is implementing a quality management system.

The effectiveness of our services and guest satisfaction is monitored through our own guest questionnaires, through our operator’s feedback and management/ staff meetings and reviews.

All senior and other employees have been made aware of our operational objectives targets and practicing standards applicable to this quality policy.  All of them have been informed of this quality policy, procedures and instructions defined within.

To ensure that all Group’s procedures and instructions operate effectively we undertake planned internal audits as defined within Quality Management System (QMS)

This Quality Management System assures that services are provided as defined in the documented working procedures, instructions and to make sure they work every time and with everybody.

The Quality Management System implemented by Atlantica Hotels satisfies the requirements defined by the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System standard. This system enhances the continuous improvement and effectiveness of the company and promotes the achievement of the objectives and targets, set by the Top Management.

This policy is reviewed to ensure that is relevant to and in compliance with the activities of the Company.

The objectives are reviewed during structured management reviews at least once a year in order to ensure their continuing suitability.

We expect every employee to be fully aware of this Quality Policy and adopt its purpose and objectives.

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