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Q. We have always wanted to get married abroad but we are unsure how to ask guest’s to attend.
A. You should always make sure your wedding day is exactly what you want and remember you are
the most important people on the day. You could theme your wedding invite based on the
destination you choose or even add in some photos of the hotel. Your guest’s can treat it as their
holiday, they don’t have to spend the whole time with you. Go ahead and invite who you want to be
there and then the decision is theirs.

Q. What if some of my A list guest’s are unable to travel?
A. Of course the ideal scenario would be that all of your A list guests would be at your wedding day,
however it is not always possible. You can capture your special day with a photographer or
videographer and share this when you return home. You could even consider setting up a video call
and stream live.

Q. There is just me and my partner on the wedding day. Is this ok?
A. We have many private weddings with only the bride & groom, the only point to consider is you will need
two witnesses on the day. Don’t worry, we can help out and witness your marriage on the day for you.

Q. I am attending my friend’s wedding and I would like to buy them a gift.
A. What about a Spa voucher, an A la carte meal or a bottle of champagne with strawberries in their
room. You could even send them an Atlantica voucher to use as they wish. All you need to do is
contact us at and we will make all the arrangements.

Q. When do I need to send out my wedding invitations?
A. You need to work this a little different than the usual tradition since you are marrying abroad. We
would suggest that as soon as you have booked your wedding to send your invites out to those you
would like to attend. Even if you believe the person would not attend, still send them an invite so
they feel part of your special day. It is not necessary for us to know any final numbers until you
arrive so don’t worry if some of your guests make any last minute changes.

Q. Will my marriage be legal?
A. All of our weddings are carried out by officials and your marriage will be recognised as a legal
marriage. You will be issued with your marriage certificate to confirm you both tied the knot!

Q. How do I get my dress to my destination?
A.You will need to check this with your airline, however most companies will allow you to carry this
as hand luggage and we recommend you do this. Any good bridal store will pack your dress ready to
travel. Once you are here we can hang this somewhere safe for you or if you are with family or
friends you might want to keep it hanging in one of their rooms.

Q. What locations are available to get married?
A.With the beautiful beachfront location and the Mediterranean sea visible from most locations within
the hotel choosing your perfect spot to seal your marriage can be one of the difficult decisions.
Orfeas terrace - The terrace offers perfect views over the Mediterranean with Tsambika mountain in the
backdrop. The location is beautifully decorated to your taste and offers shade for you and your wedding party.
Milos - The onsite windmill can add the unique touch to your wedding day and will certainly be a top
shot for your photography. Located within the gardens of the hotel and tastefully decorated, Milos
really does offer a local taste to your special day.
Beachfront Secret Lounge - For the smaller wedding parties between 2 & 6 people, our beach front
secret loungers offer the intimate venue to say “I do”. Overlooking the beachfront and with the added
touch of the sea breeze, this spot oozes romance.

Q. Can we start our honeymoon as soon as the reception ends?
A.You have the sand and sea on your doorstep so it would be wrong not to kick back and start your
honeymoon straight away. If some of your guest’s are leaving at the same time as you, you may
want to have a final get together to show your appreciation of their attendance. Still there is plenty
of space around the hotel to get lost in your own way.

Q. Where can I hold my wedding reception?
A. Whether you’re looking for something totally private with full service and an area to make
speeches or something totally informal with a private chef cooking up your favorites on a bbq close
by to the beach, we have the ideal venue to celebrate your wedding in style.
*minimum numbers apply to some of the menu’s

Q. Who can I contact for more information?
A. We are always happy to assist with your planning and answer any questions. Please get in touch
using the e-mail:

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