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The Atlantica Hotels & Resorts Partners Club, has been created especially for our business partners who have the first contact with our end customers.

The philosophy of the Club is based on:

  • Establishing and intensifying the communication with our collaborators, the travel agents
  • Rewarding our best selling partners for their efforts and support
  • Providing you with an additional incentive tool to promote and sell our hotels

Advantages & Benefits

A. For you personally:

  • Special rates for your own holidays
  • Earn points with every booking you register, and get your free holidays

B. For your Agency:

  • Immediate update on the Company’s news, innovations, facilities, offers etc.
  • Additional advantages for best selling agencies: Incentive trips, educational programs, special events etc.
  • Opportunity of being announced and recognised as an Atlantica Partner

C. For your Customers:

  • Priority of requests (always subject to availability)
  • Birthday, Honeymoon, Anniversary courtesy provided

(You are kindly requested to write in the remarks (rooming list) of each Atlantica booking “Partners-Club Member", so that your customers can be preferentially treated) 

How does it work?

Become a member today and star registering your bookings!

With every valid booking you register you will gain additional points which you can redeem them towards your free stay at our hotels.

All you have to do to for your free stay is keep on booking clients at Atlantica Hotels & Resorts and Coral Sea Hotels & Resorts!





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